Human-Machine collaboration

Mobile robots speed production at new ‘smart factory’

Showcasing flexible production in real life, a new ‘Smart Factory’ in Norway uses a variety of robots in a system developed and implemented by system integrator Intek Engineering. A dozen Industrial robots, each in individual workstations or cells, perform different steps in the manufacturing process. However, to attain the high efficiency, safety, and convenience of
Human-Machine collaboration

What is the effect of Brexit on automation in the UK?

Automation can increase efficiency and reduce costs, for example in food & beverage manufacturing Currently, workers from the EU have the right to travel and work freely across European borders. However, key statistics of net migration from the Office of National Statistics in the UK, show that net migration to the UK has been significantly
Industry 4.0

A practical illustration of IoT and Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new phenomenon. Prof Dr Thomas Pospiech, a teacher of Production and Process Management at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, was interviewed recently about the ‘IoT box’ he’s developed to give his students a practical illustration of this fairly abstract concept. The professor was asked to develop a
Operational Excellence

The power of collaboration between machines, people and teams

With today’s rapid advances in technology, the manufacturing sector needs to be increasingly agile, ready to adapt to changing demands. Production lines must be more flexible, so that they can cope with shorter production runs, more varied products and tight deadlines. So how can manufacturers address these challenges? The solution lies in more advanced, interconnected
Industry 4.0

3 Steps to Optimize Operational Efficiency for the Future of Manufacturing

Operational Excellence is required to maximize capital expenditures. But at the same time manufacturers are challenged to move away from traditional high volume, low mix production runs, to more complex high mix, low volume production with consumer demand linked directly with production. How to optimize operational efficiency to be ready for the future of manufacturing?
Brand Protection

Barcodes: keeping track of product quality

For many years, barcode technology has proved to be an economical and flexible identification technology. It has continued to develop and as a result, 1D and 2D codes (such as Datamatrix) are now used almost universally. Their versatility have made them a popular choice for streamlining many key supply chain processes, including production, logistics and
Human-Machine collaboration

Nokia Oulu factory boosts automation thanks to Omron robots and private LTE network

Nokia factory in Oulu, Finland manufactures and designs the production processes for a variety of telecommunication products like base stations that, once optimized, can be transferred and scaled to other production facilities worldwide. With new products flowing in monthly to be tested, including future 5G products, changes to the factory floor layout are constant and
Human-Machine collaboration

Collaborative robots: forging a new future

In today’s ever-changing world, manufacturers are facing increasingly heavy demands. Factories worldwide are having to produce a high mix, low volume of products to meet customer needs, whilst also dealing with shorter product life cycles and shortages of labour.  To remain competitive, manufacturers must be sufficiently agile to cope with rapid changes in lines and
Brand Protection

How to secure FMCG supply chains with traceability?

The traceability of food and drink products throughout the production and distribution process can be a complex issue. For example, alcoholic drink producers need systems that enable them to comply with local regulations regarding food traceability, as well as tax legislation. The need for precise traceability In Russia, vodka producers have to comply with a
Human-Machine collaboration

Autonomous bin picking with a collaborative mobile robot

Our TM collaborative robot provides a unique solution to easily automate applications such as picking and packing that, traditionally performed by humans, have been challenging to automate. As part of the TM series launch, we also released a mobile-compatible model, which seamlessly integrates into Omron’s LD series autonomous mobile robot. Combined with a 3D vision