3 Steps to Optimize Operational Efficiency for the Future of Manufacturing

Patricia Torres
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Patricia is Industry Marketing Manager Food and Commodities Solutions at Omron Industrial Automation Europe.

Operational Excellence is required to maximize capital expenditures. But at the same time manufacturers are challenged to move away from traditional high volume, low mix production runs, to more complex high mix, low volume production with consumer demand linked directly with production.

How to optimize operational efficiency to be ready for the future of manufacturing?


Step 1 – Data into information

Start collecting data at machine level with smart sensors embedded with advanced and open connectivity. Acquiring and processing data at the edge and in real-time is key to get the useful information needed for the decision-making process at upper levels of the factory.

Step 2 – Information into Action

Once data is obtained and processed at the edge, it is sent to the cloud for further processing and analysis using secure IoT protocols such as MQTTs and OPC UA allowing a safe and easy identification of abnormalities and points where actions need to be taken.

The key in this step is to act over those pain points to realise gains in efficiency. From smart sensors to collaborative robots and safety, our integrated automation solutions provide the answers to correct and improve operations seamlessly.

Step 3 – Continuous improvement

We close the loop implementing a continuous optimization process powered by flexible and adaptive algorithms for machine learning based on intelligent data collection and analysis.

Our technology enables the intelligence on the machines now and the dynamic optimization process needed for the factory of the future where decisions will be made by autonomous machines achieving a truly Intelligent Production.

Patricia Torres
Written by
Patricia Torres

Patricia Torres works as Industry Marketing Manager Food and Commodities Solutions for Omron Industrial
Automation Europe. She is responsible for developing marketing activities and tools aimed at the food and
beverage as well as the pharmaceutical sectors.