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Is it time for UK companies to re-evaluate their heat technology?

Cathal Wilson, Ceramicx Projects Manager and Assistant Professor Dr Anthony Robinson from Trinity College Dublin presented their groundbreaking work on Infrared-based Heat Work Technology for the processing & packaging industries Our first report from the seminars at the Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition   Established in 1992, Ceramicx is located in a rural Irish community,

Forget 3D printing, 4D printing has arrived!

Imagine a world where you don’t have to assemble that Ikea closet yourself… Sounds too good to be true? Not according to Skylar Tibbits. He’s an architect and computer scientist at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab. He focuses on self-assembly technologies. In other words: objects that make themselves. Tibbits has spoken about this concept on TED 2013 Februari

Our magazine Technology and Trends issue 17 is out!

We designed the Technology & Trends magazine to update you about the latest news concerning Omron technology, organization developments and trends in the market. All supported with customer experience and application experts views and presented in an attractive high quality design. In this issue: All-in-one solution for end of line packaging Sysmac Integrated Safety Sysmac