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Maurice Bonn

Manager Integrated Marketing Communication Omron EMEA   Developer of marketing communication programs at the intersection of business and design bridging rational and creative minds.
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Back to the Future: The Civilization Starter Kit

Marcin Jakubowski built a tractor in six days. Then he told the world how to do it: he made the designs, the budget and an instructional video available free online. A farmer and technologist and the founder of Open Source Ecology, Jakubowski has identified the 50 most important machines required for modern life—from the soil

Omron investing in the safety of American eggs

Omron Automation & Safety in the United States is investing in the egg-marking technology of Ten Media. This will see Omron providing Ten Media with production and purchasing services, automation hardware and technical support. ‘By securing Omron as a partner, we’ve fortified our bench and automation capabilities’, says Mitchell Chait, President of Ten Media. American