Niet zo veel inspiratie vandaag 🙁   What books should one read to feel well-read? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Cristina Hartmann, writer who abandoned a career in law, on Quora: For anyone who wants to attain the vaunted title

It’s time for a new approach to machine control

Can you add value to your machines, perhaps adding greater sophistication and complexity, without impacting on development time and programming cost? Robert Brooks and Karl Walker look at the evolution of a new breed of machine controllers. At the heart of every machine is a machine controller. That might seem an obvious thing to say,

Accurate temperature control leads to integrity

Jodie Commercial, components product marketing manager at Omron, explains the importance of accurate temperature control in sealing applications on Form, Fill and Seal machines Whether it is the product manufacturer, machine builder or automation supplier, they are all working towards one goal: finding the best way to move vulnerable goods from producer to consumer. Ultimately

An integrated approach to robotics

With background debate concerning growth in the manufacturing sector, and the wider topic of whether the UK adopts automation and robotics in line with global competitors, Omron’s Robert Brooks addresses some of the issues that might be making machine builders nervous about using robotics. This article was featured in the Control, Drives & Automation magazine

Behind the mask

At the UK’s 2013 Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition Omron showed a ‘smile calibrator’ with OKAO technology designed to measure, compare and even calibrate the smiles of visitors. People were invited to check the quality of their smile and even compare it against that of a friend. This article was featured in the Controls, Drives

Automatización de máquinas rebobinadoras de cable

Ubicada en Barcelona, la empresa Loimex dedicada a la fabricación de máquinas accesorios para medir, rebobinar, cortar y almacenar cables, es líder en su sector desde hace más de 40 años. Para mantener este posicionamiento, la empresa colabora estrechamente con Omron para la automatización de sus máquinas. Las máquinas rebobinadoras de cable permiten, mediante un

Velocidad, fiabilidad y máxima calidad al servicio de las artes gráficas

Ubicada en Barcelona, Bagel Systems S.L.L. es una empresa dedicada al diseño y venta de maquinaria para el sector de las artes gráficas, concretamente máquinas industriales para plastificar.  Se define como plastificado el proceso mediante el cual se añade una película de film plástico a cualquier tipo de superficie. En el caso concreto del plastificado