Packaging trends whitepaper: the future of manufacturing

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Read this exclusive white paper about packaging trends. The white paper was instigated and put together by the French Packaging and Process Machinery trade Association GEPPIA. Omron is a member of the GEPPIA and an integral part of the association’s mission is to advocate, support and share information about the industry it serves. In order to achieve this, the GEPPIA has brought together experts from a variety of backgrounds and countries to express their view on the future constraints that may be either a common denominator or an opportunity to grow.


philippe-thuvien Packaging, a key vector of innovation
Philippe Thuvien Packaging & Development Director at L’Oréal


richard-mallet Food Safety, a zero tolerance approach to food safety hazards
Richard Mallet Director of the of HACCP Europe


roland-nicolas Aseptic milk packaging: new trends
Roland Nicolas Dairy & Aseptic Business Development Director at Serac


vincent-ferry Packaging innovation: “The problem is not to find ideas… but rather to find what the problem is”
Vincent Ferry Packaging Manager at Danone Research


annette-freidinger-legay There is still much to invent in processing and machine design
Annette Freidinger-Legay International Packaging Expert


arnaud-rolland Now is the time for the virtuous circle of recycling
Arnaud Rolland Sustainable Development Manager at Coca-Cola Entreprise


fabrice-peltier “We are dealing with a new cycle, with reinvented systems”
Fabrice Peltier Packaging design Expert Diadeis



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