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Breakthrough in bioplastic

For thirty years now scientists have been on the hunt for packaging material from biomass with the same properties as crude oil. Chemists have now found the solution in the form of a new catalyst. A breakthrough in the production of bioplastics for the packaging industry. Less pollution resulting in lower costs. Manufacturers will no

Omron CP1H stuns manufacturer of leak testing machines

In order to improve the throughput of leak testing machines for PET bottles, Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) replaced custom-made PC-boards with an Omron CP1H PLC system. This allowed the company to quickly meet strong demand for smaller and more competitively priced leak testing machines. Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) is a leading manufacturer of

Omron investing in the safety of American eggs

Omron Automation & Safety in the United States is investing in the egg-marking technology of Ten Media. This will see Omron providing Ten Media with production and purchasing services, automation hardware and technical support. ‘By securing Omron as a partner, we’ve fortified our bench and automation capabilities’, says Mitchell Chait, President of Ten Media. American

Image processing: productivity plus sustainability

It’s fairly well accepted that manufacturing processes now have to take sustainability into account along with increased productivity. Put simply, production machinery must offer minimum resource consumption along with maximum efficiency. And one of the key technologies that will help deliver this is image processing. Energy consumption and the use of raw materials can be

Energy efficiency: more than just cost savings

Energy is expensive, and more efficient use can make a significant difference on the bottom line. But there’s much more to energy efficiency than reducing operating costs. This was demonstrated in practical terms by Emmebi, a long-established family business making high-quality interior design products at Brianza in the heartland of the Italian furniture industry. At

New sensor measures ripeness of fruit and prevents wastage

Each year supermarkets throw away large quantities of fruit. In the Netherlands this equates to turnover of an estimated 600 million euros. In the United States around ten percent of fresh fruit and vegetables does not make it into the shopping trolley. A shame and unnecessary, as an inexpensive sensor can monitor the ripeness of

Process packaging does more harm to the environment

Environmentally aware food manufacturers should not only be looking at their packaging material but also in particular at their packaging processes. After all, Thai researchers have discovered, that this is where the most major environmental benefit in terms of packaging can be gained. This explains why retort cups are scarcely more environmentally friendly as a
Cool stuff

Carbon is a precious resource: use it sparingly

Carbon is everywhere, from barbecue charcoal to diamonds, yet seeing it as a “precious resource” can enable machine-makers to reduce their carbon footprint without impacting on profitability. Return on carbon is a new management index that could become as important to businesses as return on investment. Carbon is present in nearly ten million known compounds,

Zero defect solutions

Zero-defect production: improving one process can deliver substantial benefits It’s stating the obvious, but still worthwhile doing so: every production defect is a problem – often several problems. Defects cause delays, cost money and damage the reputation both of the machine maker and of other businesses in the supply chain. So it pays to look