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Smart packaging can talk

New packaging materials are not only more sustainable but also smarter. Near field communication (NFC) allows brand owners to communicate with their customers as well. It is predicted that this application will be widespread within a couple of years. NFC can be regarded as the successor to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which can identify an

Solar tracking – making the most of the sun’s energy

The development of photovoltaic systems – through which sunlight is converted to electricity – has accelerated rapidly over the past quarter-century, largely as a result of increased environmental awareness and high oil prices. There’s now a broad range of systems on offer, from the very small – providing power for individual pieces of equipment –

Collaboration provides breakthrough in packaging-problem PCB

Last year, a Chinese PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturer had problems incorporating all required wiring into its products. The suppliers who were consulted were unable to resolve the problem. That was until Omron was called in to resolve the problem using special technology. Last year, when a Chinese manufacturer of PCBs went searching for new

The flexibility dream came true!

On the face of it, there are not many parallels between vehicle production and packaging machinery. However, the challenges are very similar, particularly in the increasing need to offer manufacturing versatility, dealing efficiently with different products. Mass production used to be a synonym for standardisation – “you can have any colour as long as it’s