The power of one: The Omron 361 Concept

It’s a truism that most of us encounter every day: little things can mean a lot. A word of thanks for a job well done, an act of kindness from a complete stranger, a free sample from a retailer – we’ve all experienced the feeling. It’s something that underpins Omron’s recently introduced “361° Approach” to

Energy efficiency: more than just cost savings

Energy is expensive, and more efficient use can make a significant difference on the bottom line. But there’s much more to energy efficiency than reducing operating costs. This was demonstrated in practical terms by Emmebi, a long-established family business making high-quality interior design products at Brianza in the heartland of the Italian furniture industry. At

Solar tracking – making the most of the sun’s energy

The development of photovoltaic systems – through which sunlight is converted to electricity – has accelerated rapidly over the past quarter-century, largely as a result of increased environmental awareness and high oil prices. There’s now a broad range of systems on offer, from the very small – providing power for individual pieces of equipment –