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We designed the Technology & Trends magazine to update you about the latest news concerning Omron technology, organization developments and trends in the market. All supported with customer experience and application experts views and presented in an attractive high quality design. In this issue: All-in-one solution for end of line packaging Sysmac Integrated Safety Sysmac

Tightly integrated safety: the fourth dimension

No one doubts the importance of functional safety in modern automation systems. Safety is a responsibility that all plant operators take seriously because of the potential impact on personnel, systems and the environment if “something goes wrong”. A system failure or mal-function that is not detected immediately can have dire consequences. Today, machine safety is

Lean manufacturing helps Aqualectra stay ahead of the competition

‘I would be lying if I said the market for panel builders was booming at the moment, but we are still managing to hold our heads above water”, says Tom Stringer, general director of Aqualectra in Heerhugowaard. Stringer is a keen advocate of ‘lean manufacturing’, which enables panels to be produced as efficiently as possibly.