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Arndt Neues

“The industry has entered a change process, which will have an effect on the business model of companies and on individuals - not only through how we work and how we consume, but also in the changing habits and cultures of society itself - which doesn’t even stop at country borders.” Arndt Neues is Omron’s Team Manager for Key Account Food and Commodity OEMs.  When he first joined Omron, Arndt was appointed as the Product Manager for sensors. Since then, he has held several positions in the company before taking up his current post. In recent years, Arndt has published several articles on the topics of inspection solutions and optics. He has a real passion for creativity and innovation, which adds extra value to his role as Team Manager.
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Industry 4.0

A practical illustration of IoT and Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new phenomenon. Prof Dr Thomas Pospiech, a teacher of Production and Process Management at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, was interviewed recently about the ‘IoT box’ he’s developed to give his students a practical illustration of this fairly abstract concept. The professor was asked to develop a
Brand Protection

Late-stage customization in pharmaceutical manufacturing

As a result of serialization legislation, pharmaceutical manufacturers must now ensure that labels printed at a late stage contain all of the data required for compliance. This includes customizing product labels for certain markets, customers or products by adding variable data to labels or packaging. This avoids the need to stock individual packaging materials for