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Lucian Dold does not only foster the past and embrace the future in his professional activities as General Manager Product & Channel Marketing at Omron Europe, he also does so in his spare time. His home in Germany is characterized by a massive antenna through which Lucian connects to radio amateurs across the globe. Lucian switches effortlessly between vintage connectivity and technological developments that will shape the connectivity of the digital future. 'I am currently writing a research proposal at Middlesex University on Industry 4.0 and vertical integration', Lucian starts. 'Both developments have really caught my imagination and I find it very inspiring to continue to gain more knowledge and experience with the subject matter. There is much noise in the market and attention for these developments, both positive and controversial as with the use of Big Data. My focus is to find the tangible added value for machine builders and end users who use our automation solutions.' Based at the European Headquarters of Omron in Amsterdam, Lucian has been active for Omron in a wide variety of product & marketing management functions since 2001. His background in mechatronic engineering certainly helps to interpret the demands in the EMEA manufacturing market.
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Industry 4.0

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the factory of the future

The discussion about ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) in manufacturing is now gaining momentum. This is mainly due to the availability of greater processing power and increasing volumes of data (the ‘sensorisation’ of the industry). A key factor that will help manufacturers to gain the maximum benefit from these recent advances is the use of adaptive algorithms.