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Patricia Torres

Patricia Torres

Patricia Torres works as Industry Marketing Manager Food and Commodities Solutions for Omron Industrial Automation Europe. She is responsible for developing marketing activities and tools aimed at the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical sectors.
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Industry 4.0

3 Steps to Optimize Operational Efficiency for the Future of Manufacturing

Operational Excellence is required to maximize capital expenditures. But at the same time manufacturers are challenged to move away from traditional high volume, low mix production runs, to more complex high mix, low volume production with consumer demand linked directly with production. How to optimize operational efficiency to be ready for the future of manufacturing?
Artificial Intelligence

Improve OEE with Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in Food Manufacturing

How can food & beverage manufacturers benefit from the latest machine control technology? Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in food manufacturing is picking up speed. Many F&B companies are realizing that AI presents an opportunity to increase not only the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – and therefore combine reduced costs with increased productivity – but