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The Dynamics of Smart Manufacturing Robert Brooks, European Industry Marketing Manager F&B at Omron Europe With over 25 years of experience at Omron, Robert Brooks is a popular speaker at many food manufacturing conventions. Omron's European Industry Marketing Manager F&B seeks to open a dialogue with machine builders and end users in the industry about the dynamics of smart manufacturing and Human-Machine collaboration. The main responsibilities of Robert at Omron include the development of marketing strategies and related deliverables based on Omron's corporate strategy and channel structure, taking into consideration societal changes and trends, and providing solutions that add value to Food & Beverage manufacturers. Looking at the opportunities of the future from Omron's Headquarters in Amsterdam, Robert does not lose sight of the practical solutions which are available today. Robert: 'There still is much potential for manufacturers in current robotic and vision solutions to significantly improve productivity and the quality of the final product. In our journey towards better resource efficiency it is interesting to think about the role humans will play in the future workplace. Human-Machine interaction is developing rapidly. Our showcase 3rd generation collaborative robot Forpheus at the Hannover Messe is a good example. Omron has enabled the robot to interact with, learn from and even tutor humans.' There is a host of applications for all kinds of autonomous and collaborative robots in the food sector. 'Even after more than 25 years with Omron in this industry my job is still full of exciting new developments', Robert explains enthusiastically. 'Innovation is in our DNA at Omron. Our organizational structure allows individuals to really make a personal difference, while our position as a global industry leader in automation enables us to make an impact on the manufacturing industry.' Referring to the DNA of Omron, Robert cites a quote from Omron's founder Mr. Kazuma Tateisi:"To the machine, the work of the machine, to man the thrill of further creation". 'This quote from decades ago still holds true today. It is not just about robotics, but about technology as a whole, including Artificial Intelligence. These are exciting times and I look forward to the realization of Industry 4.0 throughout our industry!', Robert concludes.
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