Ping Pong Power at Hannover Messe

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Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise.

Our table tennis protégé, Forpheus, is more than just a fun demonstration of some of our current Sensing & Control + THINK technologies. It also illustrates how we are improving the relationship between machines and humans, representing another major step towards our vision of the future.

Bringing Sensing & Control + THINK to life
Forpheus visualizes the table tennis ball’s position just like a human. An AI controlled 5-axis motor system moves the robot’s arm to swing the paddle and hit the ball at the correct weight and angle. Trajectory predictions govern its movement, and it utilizes deep learning skills to evaluate its opponent’s playing level.

Forpheus knows how best to return the ball for an enjoyable rally with you at Hannover Messe. Timing and direction decisions are made within a thousandth of a second by Forpheus’ brain, an Omron NJ motion controller.

Forpheus and Dimitrij Ovtcharov

At Hannover Messe 2018, Forpheus’ guest opponent, table tennis champion Dimitrij Ovtcharov, put the robot through its paces. Dimitrij became the world’s number one player in 2017, but perhaps even he can learn something from Forpheus! Especially, as Forpheus has some new tricks to its game that can help its ability as a training robot.

Forpheus can  serve, using a toss function. The serve can be one of the trickiest actions for players to achieve. Also, from watching the opponent’s movement, it can predict shots like smashes.

Furthermore, Forpheus can react to the state of the game audibly, not just physically. The robot makes various sounds to accompany play for a more enjoyable and immersive game experience for the user.

These new capabilities are down to time-series deep learning AI technology and synchronous control. They go to make rallies with Forpheus more complete and helpful for all its opponents, from beginners through to advanced players. So don’t hesitate to play a match with Forpheus yourself!

Your ultimate Hannover Messe Experience
Our showcase Forpheus, the first machine table tennis tutor that interprets how you feel and play and helps you improve your game, is just the beginning of our new technologies that creates your future!

This is your moment to experience how our table tennis tutor can improve your game.

Come and visit us at Hannover Messe to see Forheus. And do not forget to hit the ball yourself! Hall 9, booth F24

Our experts will answer all your questions and our demonstrations will run continuously.


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Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise. From its European headquarters in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she operates locally in every European country and is dedicated to providing unrivaled automation products and customized expert solutions for any industry.

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