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Find out how mobile robots bring unparalleled flexibility to your factory of the future

While stationary robots are well-established and important parts of many factories and production plants, mobile platforms and manipulators will become an integral part of your factory of the future. At the Industrial Automation Forum at Hannover Messe, Bruno Adam, our Mobile Business Director Europe, answers how the manufacturing process is evolving and why factories, driven by

Today is your chance to meet our friendly and smart collaborative table tennis robot Forpheus!

Forpheus is eagerly waiting for you at Hannover Messe to make you a better player. Our Ping Pong Robot Forpheus can tailor its game to your skill level! With the incorporation of our powerful Human-Machine collaboration technologies, it can now interpret, predict, learn, think, act, connect and communicate with you. Seven amazing technologies make it

Industry 4.0: Are you prepared for the data-driven smart factory of the future?

Discover how you can make your factory industry 4.0 proof at Hannover Messe A futuristic, completely-connected industrial world is already taking shape, and data integration is a key enabler for you to minimize costs and ensure that final products will be better aligned with your customer preferences. Collecting and storing production data also offers you many


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