Industry 4.0: Are you prepared for the data-driven smart factory of the future?

Discover how you can make your factory industry 4.0 proof at Hannover Messe A futuristic, completely-connected industrial world is already taking shape, and data integration is a key enabler for you to minimize costs and ensure that final products will be better aligned with your customer preferences. Collecting and storing production data also offers you many

It’s time for a new approach to machine control

Can you add value to your machines, perhaps adding greater sophistication and complexity, without impacting on development time and programming cost? Robert Brooks and Karl Walker look at the evolution of a new breed of machine controllers. At the heart of every machine is a machine controller. That might seem an obvious thing to say,

An integrated approach to robotics

With background debate concerning growth in the manufacturing sector, and the wider topic of whether the UK adopts automation and robotics in line with global competitors, Omron’s Robert Brooks addresses some of the issues that might be making machine builders nervous about using robotics. This article was featured in the Control, Drives & Automation magazine


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