Today is your chance to meet our friendly and smart collaborative table tennis robot Forpheus!

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Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise.

Forpheus is eagerly waiting for you at Hannover Messe to make you a better player.

Our Ping Pong Robot Forpheus can tailor its game to your skill level!

With the incorporation of our powerful Human-Machine collaboration technologies, it can now interpret, predict, learn, think, act, connect and communicate with you.

Seven amazing technologies make it possible for Forpheus to actually tutor you so you can become a better ping pong player.
The 3rd generation of our table tennis tutor robot encompasses state-of-the-art technology that embodies the world of ‘harmony’ where machines can bring out the best in your ability.

This means he does not play table tennis against, but with you and helps you to improve your game.

Just like our leading technologies can help bring out the best in your people in your automated workplace.

Imagine that your employees can be recognized and that instructions are tailored to their skill and experience level by automation; combining the best of both humans and machines in manufacturing.

Forpheus demonstrates our owned core technologies and enables you to experience today the leading technology of tomorrow by playing the fastest reaction sport on earth with our cobot at Hannover Messe.

Sensing combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your game

By combining vision and motion sensors with technology that accurately captures the speed of your moving ball, it can determine not just how it needs to respond to return your shot, but also where your ball will land when it does.

By using these speed-sensing cameras above the table, this means that you can see exactly where the ball will be returned, and thus improve your game. It even detects how good you are and adjusts accordingly.

Just so that you don’t feel too disheartened, the net shows encouraging messages as well as the speed of your ball and the length of the rally.

Your Hannover Messe Experience
Our showcase Forpheus, the first machine table tennis tutor that interprets how you feel and play and helps you improve your game, is just the beginning of our new technologies that creates your future!

This is your moment to experience how our table tennis tutor can improve your game.

Come and visit us at Hannover Messe today to play against Forpheus in Hall 9, booth F24.

Our experts will answer all your questions and our demonstrations will run continuously.

Forpheus looks forward to seeing you this week!

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Omron Europe

Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise. From its European headquarters in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she operates locally in every European country and is dedicated to providing unrivaled automation products and customized expert solutions for any industry.

The product portfolio includes state of the art Factory Automation services & Know-How, Sensors and Safety, Mechatronics and Drives, Industrial Components and Vision Systems.

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